Chicago Vs New York Style Pizza - A Tasty Rivalry

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Instead of a plain hamburger, try mixing some ingredients in with the meat. One tasty alternative to putting focaccia bread a slice of cheese on the bun is to try mixing the cheese into the ground beef. This is especially delicious with bleu cheese. Adding some cheese crumbles will give the beef patty some bulk, and as it cooks the cheese will melt inside, creating a tasty combination of flavors built right into the patty. You can also try mixing nuts in with the ground beef. Walnuts add flavor and give the burger just a little bit of crunch.

For people that are not a fan of the standard texture of eggplant, therein lies the redeeming value of this recipe. Rather than going at this vegetable in its raw form, try it breaded, seasoned and sauced. It sounds like work but it's worth it when the occasion calls for a slow cooker focaccia hot sandwich like today's bizarre climate shift with the rain and thunderstorms in Davis. To be fair, fried eggplant is not the healthiest -- but how many things do vegetarians honestly eat fried anyway (unless you are the county fair indulging in the rare fried twinkies or fried pickles)? Don't eat this Eggplant Parmesan Sandwich for lunch on a daily basis, but breading and frying the eggplant provides this dish with a very necessary and delicious contrast in texture.

You can also enhance your main dish utilizing numerous tasty side dishes. How does Corn on the Cob in Garlic Herb Butter sound? Or maybe you would like to try some Slow-Roasted Potatoes or a fantastic Potato Casserole. There are a lot of options to add a unique touch to any dish.

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focaccia Cracker Crisps - If you've never tasted a crock pot bread cracker, you're in for quite the treat. These "Tuscan" style crackers are perfect for pairing with a gourmet cheese and capture the subtle taste of Italian herbs like rosemary and basil.

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My secret ingredient is garlic - I add at least five cloves of diced garlic to the dough before I cook it. I stole the idea from India where they use fresh garlic in their naan (Indian flat bread). In addition, I puncture the dough with my fingers to create wells that trap moisture in the bread. Don't forget to spread olive oil on top before you cook it. You can also use the wood burning grill trick I wrote about earlier to cook the flat bread. You get a superb smoke flavor.

For more info: Stock up on those slow-cooker liners and check out the slow-cooker focaccia bread caramelized onions over at RecipeZaar. Their 1,500+ slow-cooker recipes will keep you away from the cooking and cleaning and give you lots of time to relax and enjoy your evenings for quite a while!